Bespoke Manufacturing

Jaffe et Fils offers a unique service in manufacturing feather products, mounts and trimmings specific to our customer's requirements.  There will obviously be a minimum order quantity required for this service, which will depend on the type of product to be manufactured.

As we have a dyeworks on the premises we are also able to pattern dye to our customers' own colour requirements. 

All products are manufactured in our factory in the UK so will be of the highest quality, and we will liaise with our customer through the whole manufacturing process, providing samples where required.

Please telephone us on 01297 33408 or email via the Contact Form to discuss your requirements.

Examples of bespoke products we have made in the past are shown below.

  • Arrowhead Mount

    Arrowhead Mount

    This mount is a combination of a Turkey Arrowhead, Stripped Coque and Neck Hackle.
  • Fancy Hackle Mount

    Fancy Hackle Mount

    This feather mount has been made with a combination of Badger Hackle and cut/shaped Ostrich Feathers.
  • Goose Biot Fringe

    Goose Biot Fringe

    Two Tone Biot FringeWe can manufacture Biot Fringe in a combination of 2 or more colours, as per your own design.
  • Mixed Feather Fringe

    Mixed Feather Fringe

    We are able to manufacture fringing with a mix of feather types.  This example is a mix of kreutz and Guinea Fowl feathers. These fringes can be made in a variety of types of feather and colours.  The minimum order for this type of Fringe is 10 metres. Please contact us to discuss your...
  • Ostrich Arrowhead

    Ostrich Arrowhead

    This is an example of an Ostrich feather that has been stripped and shaped to an arrowhead design.
  • Ostrich Fringe

    Ostrich Fringe

    Two Tone Ostrich FringeWe can manufacture Ostrich Fringe in a combination of 2 or more colours, as per your own design.
  • Pheasant Mount

    Pheasant Mount

    This is an example of a feather mount made from Pheasant, Coque and Neck Hackle.  We can manufacture feather mounts in different combinations of these feathers.