Feather Pens

We manufacture many types of feather pens, either Hand Cut, or with Nib or Ballpoint ends.  Our feather pens can be made from many types of feather, if you see a certain feather you want for a pen, then contact us.

  • 1. Cut Pen AUTHPEN

    1. Cut Pen AUTHPEN

    Hand Cut Quill Pen - AUTHPEN Manufactured from Turkey Broads, this pen is hand cut to give an authentic look.  Usually sold in packets of 3 or 25. Ideal for Schools, Theatre, Film, Museums and Display.  
  • 2. Turkey Pens

    2. Turkey Pens

    Our Turkey Quill Pens are manufactured from a Turkey Broad Feather with a choice of pen end. Available with ballpoint end TQUBIRO, Deluxe Ballpoint end TQUNBIRO and Nib end TQUPEN. Standard colours are black, chocolate, bottle green, moss green, jade, pine, deep turquoise, royal blue, navy,...
  • 3. Pheasant Pen PHPEN

    3. Pheasant Pen PHPEN

    Manufactured from a Pheasant Centre with a gilt pen nib PHPEN or deluxe ballpoint PHNBIRO. Standard colours are natural, black, purple, bottle green, emerald, navy, royal blue, turquoise, chocolate and rust.  
  • 4. Peacock Pen PCPEN

    4. Peacock Pen PCPEN

    Peacock Feather Pen Manufactured from Peacock Eye Feathers with a choice of gilt pen nib PCPEN or deluxe ballpoint PCNBIRO. Standard colours are natural, shocking pink, royal blue, emerald, red, purple, orange, gold, fuchsia, navy, bottle green, burgundy, black, bleached and turquoise.
  • 5. Ostrich Pen OSTPEN

    5. Ostrich Pen OSTPEN

    Pen or Deluxe Ballpoint Ostrich Feather Pen - OSTPEN Manufactured from a high quality Ostrich Feather with a gilt pen nib or deluxe ballpoint.  A luxury pen for special occasions or promotions etc Standard colours are Black, White and Ivory.  Can be dyed to your own colour for...
  • 6. Goose Pen GQUPEN

    6. Goose Pen GQUPEN

    Our Goose pens are made from Goose Pointer Feathers and are available in a choice of pen ends, ballpoint GQUBIRO, deluxe Ballpoint GQUNBIRO, and Nib end GQUPEN. Standard colours are white, ivory and black.  Other colours can be dyed for larger orders.
  • 7. Promotional Pen

    7. Promotional Pen

    Promotional Turkey Pen Manufactured from a Turkey Broad with either a Gilt Nib or Deluxe Ballpoint. We have the facility to etch script and logos on to the Feather Quill, which can then be used for promotions, advertising and weddings etc.  Script can also be shown on the spine aswell....
  • Bronze Turkey Pens

    Bronze Turkey Pens

    Bronze Turkey Feather Pens made from a striking naturally marked Bronze Turkey broad feather. Available with a choice of pen end Ballpoint TQUBZBIRO, Deluxe ballpoint TQUBZNBIRO and Nib end TQUBZPEN.