• Ostrich Feathers

    Ostrich Feathers

      The present Directors of Jaffé have over fifty years of experience of processing and supplying the highest...
  • Pheasant Feathers

    Pheasant Feathers

      We sell a wide range body and tail plumage Pheasant Feathers. The pheasant species available include Ringneck...
  • Turkey & Goose Feathers

    Turkey & Goose Feathers

      We sell a wide range of Turkey & Goose Feathers, in natural and dyed colours.
  • Peacock Feathers

    Peacock Feathers

    We sell a wide range of Peacock Feathers, natural and dyed.
  • Bulk & Packet Feathers

    Bulk & Packet Feathers

    We sell many types of feathers in bulk or packets.  Some examples are shown below.  Please do not hesitate to contact...